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Spring 2013 New Hairstyles

Have you thought about getting a new haircut yet? May be you are wondering what the tendency will be this spring season? According to Vogue Magazine, the new trend started a couple of months ago, when Model Karlie Kloss cut seven inches off her locks, showing a sweet, girly, shoulder-length hairstyle with bangs. Vogue has called the new hairstyle “the Chop,” which was created by celebrity Hairstylist Garren Defazio. In the article “The ‘Karlie’ Is Turning Heads,” The New York Times reports that Karlie loves her new short haircut. She stated: “having short hair actually takes the focus off your hair and puts the focus on you.” Mr. Garren claimed that Karlie’s hair had been damaged by too much styling and needed a trim badly. Not only did he give a new life to her hair, he also gave Karlie a new personality.
Historically, celebrities have always paved the way for wearing daring new styles. This year, many of them are already displaying their “chop” hairstyle, including First Lady Michelle Obama who is now wearing a sleek shoulder-length hairstyle with long bangs.
Consider getting a “chop” this season. However, if you can’t afford a haircut by Mr. Garren Defazio, which costs somewhere around $700, you can always visit Marianne Vera Salon to get a Madison Avenue haircut and hairstyling for a fraction of the price.

Karlie Kloss 2013 “The Chop”

Michelle Obama’s shoulder-length hairstyle with bangs

Nicole Ricci

Linda Evangelista’s famous “chop”

Katie Holmes

Jane Birkin’s haircut in the 1960s



“The ‘Karlie’ Is Turning Heads,”

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