Juliadaopix343_29649134434_1656_nFranck Mismaque daopix


Senior Stylist


The exotic pearl of MV Salon, Dao started her career in her native Bangkok at the age of 16 years old and settled in New York 21 years ago. She worked for upscale hair salon AllBAIN in Bangkok before moving to New York where she has worked for several European hair salons on the Upper East Side. She has been with MV Salon for 7 years and is an experienced colorist and stylist. Dao received Redken and Aveda haircoloring trainings and she is one of the rare stylists who excels equally in haircut and hair-coloring. In addition to her styling skills, her sweet and patient nature is what makes her a successful hairstylist.



“Carefully listening to the client during consultation is key to success. Hairstyling is about achieving what the client wants.”