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Master Stylist | Owner of MV Salon


Caroline is a Parisian Hairstylist with over 25 years of experience. Her first influence came from her grandmother, also a hairstylist who owned two salons in Paris and later moved to Venezuela- during its Golden Years- where she also opened two hair salons. Trained in the French apprenticeship tradition under master stylists Jean Claude Biguine and Jacques Dessange,┬áCaroline worked for upscale Hair Salons in the 16eme Arrondissement of Paris– a very affluent area of the City of Light– where she developed her skills, styling the locks of many VIP clients. Thereafter, she furthered her education in Spain where she studied at a Coiffure School while working in a hair salon. She then decided to expand her European horizons and crossed the Atlantic to come to New York where her talents opened many doors. She worked in various salons on the Upper East Side, quickly building a loyal clientele and successfully opening 3 salons under her management. In 2003, she opened her own salon, which she has been successfully running ever since.


Caroline excels equally in Haircut and Hair color, and is known for her gorgeous highlight technique and impeccable Haircuts- particularly short hairstyles.


“When you don’t feel well, you go to the doctor but it’s going to take a couple of days for you to feel better after taking his prescription. You go to the hair salon not feeling well; you come out feeling great! Getting your hair done is the instant cure to make you feel good. Your appearance and how you see yourself has a direct influence on your well-being.”